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New Media Consortium Hosts NMConnect
 Diversity of Second Life Artists is Presented

Above: Seifert Surface exhibited a huge airborne mathematical artwork titled Spore. Click on it to see a picture of ArtWorld Market inside to get a sense of the scale.

From February 11-13, 2007, several sims owned by NMC were converted into a huge gallery complex. Groupings of 2D, 3D, video and interactive elements were combined to tell stories on six major themes: Love, Peace, Beauty, Truth, Chaos, Wisdom.

Over three days the NMC Campus hosted seven forums on the structures of creative social networks building within these emerging new media. Sessions include:

* Better World Building: Real World Action
* Flow and Nurture: Creating Healthy Systems
* Organic Architectures and Sustainable Design
* Art and Energy
* NMC and the Collaborative Educational Community
* Social Interactives and New Networks
* Memory Palaces, Artifacts and Icons for the Future 

Click here to go to the NMConnect Website for more info.

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