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The Watts Tower of SL or TMA?
by Rose Krasner

Above: The jjccc Art Gallery in 3000 AD, Dec. 30, 2006
click the picture for a long view of the building

The saturated work of jjccc Coronet adorns the exterior of a huge building in the 3000 AD sim. Shining over the city just before New Year's Eve, it felt like a timely fireworks display with jets of fire and whirling sculpture on the roof. 

3000 AD, known for its many art galleries, is under new management. It no longer exists as the art sim it was at the turn of 2007.  Several new art sims are developing, including ones by former 3000 AD entrepreneur Nubian Bliss and another by former 3000 AD impresario Filthy Fluno. Read about Artropolis.

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