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Kiss the Sky

Above: Selavy Oh. Soft Structure

While Adam Ramona's sculpture had taken an empty space and encapsulated me when I entered, the opposite happened when I walked down the steps into Selavy Oh's Soft Structure. It rose to the sky and disappeared when I walked into it. I did this three times, and each time it reformed differently.

To the left is a snapshot of this work leaving its platform after I walked into it.

Nand Nerd's Square Antiprism tower is a tentlike structure with flaps that open gracefully when touched (clicked).

Nand's geometric work is also represented in this show with Great Dodecahedron, a morphing object.





Angrybeth Shortbread, an early adopter of the SL platform for the creation of interactive sculpture, has two musical works in this exhibition. The one on the left is titled I am Note, We are Music, and is a simple circle that I walked into and heard a note.  This work of art made me want someone else to play with, but I was the only avatar in the sim. Next time I'll teleport a friend or two to come and see what sort of music it makes.


Angrybeth's other piece, Push-Tron, is a machine that creates sounds when you push on the lower portion, which has spaces where three avatars can push in each direction. I was able to push it easily, and it felt somewhat like being in a music box, the old style with a tined wheel that is turned by a crank.  It's easy to imagine six avatars in a sort of "tug-o-war" pushing in opposite directions to create the music.  You don't have to be inside one of the semi-circles to push it, so there is potential for all sorts of playing.  It's art, a musical instrument, and a game.


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